A few lucky customers have had the chance to test-drive our unique product. This is some of the feedback we’ve received from our pre-launch trials:

My back used to get just a quick wash, as I couldn’t reach the area between my shoulder blades…thanks to Trio Bather, now I can wash my back properly and give it a proper back scrub!”

Karen, Kent, UK

I loved the way I could use one just the one product in the shower for my face, my back, the rest of my body, using all parts of Trio. It was easy, and I felt great after using it. I will be buying another one so that I always have one to use, while the other is in the wash.” 

Jackie, USA

I poured some shower gel in the glove and it gave me a great soapy shower!”

David, London

I bunched it up into a ball and squeezed the soap bubbles down my head and back…lovely!”

Nicola, Surrey, UK

We’d be delighted to hear about how you have used Trio Bather – do let us have your comments.