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A new website for triobather!

Since launching Trio Bather a couple of years ago, we have all been busy talking to customers about Trio Bather, the three in one flannel, sponge and exfoliator, and its different uses for the bath and shower.

Daniel, Trio Bather’s inventor, has been busy giving talks about his invention, demonstrations of Trio Bather and recounting the story behind its invention.

It was Daniel’s work in nursing, and his contact with patients that originally gave him the idea to invent Trio Bather, observing the difficulty some patients had in reaching parts of their bodies to cleanse themselves effectively.

Daniel recalls with joy how his own upbringing as a child had instilled in him a sense of achievement in being able to contribute to the experience of bathing. Then, it was considered a great privilege to be chosen from your siblings on occasion to assist your elderly grandparents with scrubbing their backs at bath time; a true expression of love and caring.

Knowing how invigorating the experience the act of proper washing can be, and understanding the importance of exfoliating for skin renewal and general well being, Daniel set about designing a product that would make the bathing process more, effective, convenient and refreshing.

And so after a long period of research and development, Trio Bather was finally born.

Trio Bather is available from our online store and there’s a current special offer when you buy two Trio Bathers 

How is bath or shower time valued in your family? Tell us by adding a comment below.

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What do our first customers think?

We’re all very busy in the Trio offices, preparing for the online launch of Trio Bather, the unique, multi-purpose shower mitt.

A few lucky customers have had the chance to test drive our unique product. This is some of the feedback we’ve received from our pre-launch trials:

My back used to get just a quick wash, as I couldn’t reach the area between my shoulder blades…thanks to Trio Bather, now I can wash my back properly and give it a proper back scrub!”

Karen, Kent, UK

I loved the way I could use one just the one product in the shower for my face, my back, the rest of my body, using all parts of Trio. It was easy, and I felt great after using it. I will be buying another one so that I always have one to use, while the other is in the wash.” 

Jackie, USA

I poured some shower gel in the glove and it gave me a great soapy shower!”

David, London

I bunched it up into a ball and squeezed the soap bubbles down my head and back…lovely!”

Nicola, Surrey, UK

We’d be delighted to hear about how you have used Trio Bather – do let us have your comments.

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The Triobather!

After many months of research, development and a great deal of anticipation, we’re delighted and very proud today to announce the launch of Trio Bather, the unique three-in-one flannel, sponge and exfoliator!

Daniel Afeeva, Trio Bather’s inventor, is thrilled to finally be able to bring his dream to the consumer market! Daniel’s aim is to make bathing and showering a more refreshing and invigorating experience, and to give customers the benefit of applying cream and lotion to their backs more easily by applying it with a Trio Bather.

You can now order your own Trio Bather from our online store It is initially available in a yellow/white colour, with a choice of three different weaves (soft, normal or coarse), depending on your preference.

And there’s more good news…to celebrate the launch of Trio Bather, we have a special offer of 2 Trio Bathers for £20.00 (+P&P) 

Why not buy a Trio Bather as a Christmas gift or birthday present for a family member or friend, and treat yourself to one too? You can also purchase a spare Trio Bather for use when travelling, on holiday, or when participating in sports activities!

Please share your feedback about your experience of using Trio Bather by adding a comment below.

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A special delivery

After many weeks of excited anticipation, the first delivery of Trio Bathers has arrived from our manufacturing partners in Turkey!

Our staff raced eagerly to the warehouse to see Trio Bather, to read our newly printed information leaflet and to try out the product themselves.

You will be able to purchase Trio Bather from the website very soon; we are just making the final tweaks to the store section of this website.

Trio Bather is initially available in a yellow/white colour and we intend to make other colours available in due course.

Hear the latest news about the launch by following us on Twitter @TrioBather  and like our Facebook Page:

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Easy way to cream your back

Did you know that you can also use Trio Bather for applying cream or moisturising lotion to your back?

Trio Bather brings relief to many people who are unable to reach between their shoulder blades, or who perhaps have stiffness in the shoulder or arms, and cannot stretch round properly to reach parts of their back.

By dabbing body cream or lotion on the length of the towel side and rubbing the back gently with Trio Bather, you can easily apply your cream. It’s cool and very soothing!

Some customers have used Trio Bather to apply sun protection cream (sunscreen), so there’s no need for your partner or friend to have to get up off their sun lounger to help you!

Why not purchase a spare Trio Bather to use in the sun, or to keep just for applying cream?

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triobather gets social!

We’re thrilled that Trio Bather, the unique three-in-one shower mitt, is now on social media! Trio Bather is a flannel, sponge and back scrubber, but can also be used for skin exfoliation and for applying cream to your back. It is set to make bathing more convenient for many different people!


You can now follow us on Twitter @TrioBather and you can ‘like’ our Facebook Page at (or click on the social media icons elsewhere on this page). By following or ‘liking’ Trio Bather, you will be among the first to receive the news of its launch, and to have the chance to purchase your very own Trio Bather. Please spread the word about Trio Bather by following us, by sharing our news with others you know, and by letting us know your views on this exciting product.

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Almost there!

We are all very excited that, after years of careful research and product development by its dedicated inventor, Daniel Afeeva, Trio Bather is finally approaching its launch!

Earlier this year, after a series of communications and trips to visit potential suppliers, we finally selected a trusted and respected partner in Turkey to manufacture Trio to our precise specification and quality standards. Trio Bather is due to be shipped to the UK very soon, and we await the delivery of our product with eagerness!

By bringing Trio Bather to the online market, we are thrilled that we have the opportunity to make a measurable impact on the convenience of bathing, through cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising.

We are currently finalising our promotional campaign in the run up to the launch of Trio Bather; watch this space for further information!