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Since launching Trio Bather a couple of years ago, we have all been busy talking to customers about Trio Bather, the three in one flannel, sponge and exfoliator, and its different uses for the bath and shower.

Daniel, Trio Bather’s inventor, has been busy giving talks about his invention, demonstrations of Trio Bather and recounting the story behind its invention.

It was Daniel’s work in nursing, and his contact with patients that originally gave him the idea to invent Trio Bather, observing the difficulty some patients had in reaching parts of their bodies to cleanse themselves effectively.

Daniel recalls with joy how his own upbringing as a child had instilled in him a sense of achievement in being able to contribute to the experience of bathing. Then, it was considered a great privilege to be chosen from your siblings on occasion to assist your elderly grandparents with scrubbing their backs at bath time; a true expression of love and caring.

Knowing how invigorating the experience the act of proper washing can be, and understanding the importance of exfoliating for skin renewal and general well being, Daniel set about designing a product that would make the bathing process more, effective, convenient and refreshing.

And so after a long period of research and development, Trio Bather was finally born.

Trio Bather is available from our online store and there’s a current special offer when you buy two Trio Bathers 

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