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The Triobather!

After many months of research, development and a great deal of anticipation, we’re delighted and very proud today to announce the launch of Trio Bather, the unique three-in-one flannel, sponge and exfoliator!

Daniel Afeeva, Trio Bather’s inventor, is thrilled to finally be able to bring his dream to the consumer market! Daniel’s aim is to make bathing and showering a more refreshing and invigorating experience, and to give customers the benefit of applying cream and lotion to their backs more easily by applying it with a Trio Bather.

You can now order your own Trio Bather from our online store It is initially available in a yellow/white colour, with a choice of three different weaves (soft, normal or coarse), depending on your preference.

And there’s more good news…to celebrate the launch of Trio Bather, we have a special offer of 2 Trio Bathers for £20.00 (+P&P) 

Why not buy a Trio Bather as a Christmas gift or birthday present for a family member or friend, and treat yourself to one too? You can also purchase a spare Trio Bather for use when travelling, on holiday, or when participating in sports activities!

Please share your feedback about your experience of using Trio Bather by adding a comment below.

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